The List

While doing a last-minute check on the books that are being put out for the garage sale, we found a list of names.

Here is what I almost named my daughter: 

  1. Astrid (we’re German)
  2. Avalon (it reminds me of Baltimore – ever see the movie Avalon?  I wanted something more than Ava)
  3. Cate
  4. Cybelle
  5. Cyra
  6. Amelia
  7. Emma (because there aren’t enough of them in the United States these days)
  8. Evelyn
  9. Avalyn
  10. Julia
  11. Lillian (she was thissssscloooose to being named Lilliana – like 3 days away)
  12. Lorelei
  13. Maya
  14. Meredith
  15. Miranda
  16. Natalie
  17. Olivia
  18. Raine
  19. Laine
  20. Sabrina

 And if I’d had a son: 

  1. Aiden
  2. Quinn (I promise I would not have named the boy Aiden Quinn…)
  3. Samuel (top pick)
  4. Benjamin
  5. Jared
  6. Caleb
  7. Avery
  8. Delaney (seriously?)
  9. Drew
  10. Ethan
  11. Evan
  12. Brady
  13. Griffin
  14. Jaron (I don’t know where this came from)
  15. Justin
  16. Liam
  17. Lucas

 My daughter’s real name was not very common back in 2001 and that trend continued for a few years, leaving me to feel all clever and stuff, like I’d beaten the baby name popularity contest by not naming her Emma or Brianna or Sophia.  Part of my daughter’s name is on that girls’ list and I still wish that I’d given that name to her as her first.  Surprisingly, like it’s their business, a lot of people say to me, “But you’re so young! You’ll find someone that you’ll want to have children with and you can give that name to your next daughter!”

 Um, excuse me.  Where were you when I went mental during my pregnancy?  Maybe to you it was simply a phase.  You know, like a string a bad grades and back-talking my parents during high school or something.  Go read this little story about my brush with Teh Craaaazy and come back and tell me it’ll be okay during the next go-around.  I’m honestly too afraid to try again.

 Besides, I don’t like babies.* 

 There.  I said it.

*I don’t HATE babies.  They just scare me.  This scene from License To Wed is exactly why:

Icky stuff.  Coming out of babies.  Not my thing. Hand the kid over to me when it’s two years old and I’m all over it!


About Dena

I'm a suburban Clevelander by way of Oklahoma City, by way of North Florida, by way of Southern Maryland, by way of Upper Michigan, by way of Northern Italy, by way of Lower Michigan, by way of Texas. Because of living in so many places, I have something in common with almost everyone I meet. I love reading, writing, and American history (especially reading or writing about American history). I'm interested in culture of place, historical trauma, and writing about the kinds of histories most people don't know about.
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