She blinded me…with SCIENCE! (or maybe I just got some potting soil in my eye)

I just found out that Elle’s science fair project is due in a few weeks.  Of course, I knew this assignment was going to happen sometime during her 3rd grade year, but I didn’t think it was going to happen so soon.  Last year, as a 2nd grader, she voluntarily completed a science fair project as practice and submitted it the weekend before my best friend came to visit us from Wisconsin…on Memorial Day Weekend!   Last I checked, Memorial Day doesn’t fall on December 6th this year.  Or twice during any year, for that matter.

As a kid, I never volunteered to do a science fair project.  Back then it was a choice.  And you know what happened to all the kids who chose to do a science fair project?  Oh man, they were branded the losers of the school, the nerds, the geeks, the dorks, the McFly’s.  While I was busy giving the nerd boys the stinkeye and writing I HEART JON BON JOVI in my journal, there were kids out there actually being themselves and reveling in their love for science.  Thinking back on all this, I realize I should have been nicer to those geeks and nerds as they all probably ended up with full scholarships to MIT and are presently running the world. 

(Oh, wait a minute.  I was nice to one of those geeks.  He received a master’s degree in physics from the University of Florida and managed to bail on me, leaving me, of all ill-equipped people, to prepare science fair projects with our 9-year old daughter.  As far as I know, he’s still unemployed.  Gawd, do I have to do freakin’ everything?)

Thankfully, a very nice Lowe’s employee helped us out tonight.  I told her that Elle had already submitted her hypothesis and it couldn’t be changed (according to Elle…at least, that’s what she says her teacher has told her) and that we only had 3 weeks to yield actual results from this whole experiment -something having to do with cups having equal parts soil and space to grow but each cup given a different amount of seeds. 

Reminder:  I’m not the one with a master’s degree in physics.

It was decided that we needed to find a plant seed that would:

  • Grow quickly
  • Be able to defend itself against animals that would surely try to eat it
  • Grow at all, really

We settled on scallions.  I figured if I’m going to put any kind of effort into taking care of a living thing, it should, in the end, be able to feed me.  This rule also pertains to Elle. 

Counting seeds

still counting...

4 seeds/10 seeds/20 seeds - at least I was smart enough to insist on writing that stuff down

Yep, I hope this works.

We finished packing the cups and planting the seeds around 5:30.  It took me four hours to realize that I’d forgotten to water them. 



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3 Responses to She blinded me…with SCIENCE! (or maybe I just got some potting soil in my eye)

  1. Chris says:

    “I figured if I’m going to put any kind of effort into taking care of a living thing, it should, in the end, be able to feed me. This rule also pertains to Elle. ”

    I hope you mean Elle performing the ACT of feeding you…you aren’t going to eat her are you? ha ha

  2. Dena says:

    OH NO!! But I totally expect this kid to take care of me in my old age. Especially after years of mandatory science fair projects!

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