Rite of Passage

When I was 10 years old, my parents drove me down to the Systems Command building on K.I. Sawyer AFB in Upper Michigan and got me my very first military dependent ID card. At the time, that was the most exciting day of my life!  For a military kid, turning 10 years old and being allowed to get your first ID card is the equivalent of turning 16 years old and finding a brand new car in the driveway. Seriously! 

Well, times have changed.  I have fought against the tide and put my foot down, as unpopular as it might make me – I am not allowing my child to have a cell phone (call me old-fashioned, I don’t care. I’m old school!! And broke…).  But when Elle asked me tonight if she could, at the very least, get her own email account, I really couldn’t think of a reason to say no. 

So she has her own email account. Only a few select people have the address but you’d think this kid just turned 16 years old and found a brand new car in the driveway!

Also,  I made her sign a contract.  Yes, I’m for realsies.


I, (Elle), will sign this contract about using an email address.
I will not:

1. No inappropriate jokes or language.
2. No gossip or rumors.
3. I will only use this email address to talk to family & buddies.
4. Mom can read anything in my email account anytime.

*If I break any rules, I will be given consequences, like shutting down my email account.

Signed, _________________________________________

Elle has already sent me two emails; the first proclaiming she loves me more than Brad Pitt and the second declaring how cute Jack the dog looks when he’s happy. 

Considering she did have her very first military dependent ID card when she was a mere 8 months old, I can’t blame her for feeling a little left behind.  But I’m still against 10 year old kids requiring a cell phone.  And teaching her how to attach YouTube videos of the Annoying Orange. In fact, I’m very VERY VERY against that.

Watch this (if you’re not already familiar with it).  You’ll understand. Also, don’t blame me. I warned you.


About Dena

I'm a sNew Hampshirite by way of suburban Cleveland, by way of Oklahoma City, by way of North Florida, by way of Southern Maryland, by way of Upper Michigan, by way of Northern Italy, by way of Lower Michigan, by way of Texas. Because of living in so many places, I have something in common with almost everyone I meet. I love reading, writing, and American history (especially reading or writing about American history). I'm interested in culture of home and place, historical trauma, and writing about the kinds of histories most people don't know about.
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2 Responses to Rite of Passage

  1. Corey Frye says:

    Love how the most powerful rule got slipped in there at the end at #4, almost unnoticed, haha. Nice move! You got some parenting skillz.

    • Dena says:

      Elle has never done morning chores so fast. She was eager to check her email and even more eager to respond to one she’d received while she was asleep last night. I hope this motivation lasts!

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