Hurricane Safety – A Kid’s Guide

Elle presented me with this handmade super-informative safety guide this morning after cleaning out her backpack. Because Hurricane Season officially ended 17 days ago, it’s never too early to prepare for next year’s onslaught of overdramatic meteorologists’ warnings about hurricanes that may or may not actually happen. Also, Elle received a full 100 points on this from her science teacher, so she must know something.

Please pay special attention to this guide if you live in coastal North Carolina, near the Chesapeake Bay, or anywhere in New England. Since every single one of the last two years’ worth of hurricanes has bypassed Florida altogether and slammed into your coastline instead, I just want to say I’m sorry. Blame the ever excitable Jim Cantore. Or jet streams. Whatever. The fun starts all over again on June 1st, 2012.  Be prepared!

  Before Hurricane:
If you watching the news and it reports that a hurricane is near your city or anywhere near you. To protect your self, you need to grab a backpack and pack these items:
(see illustrations)
First Aid
Food that can’t be heated or cooled (like Goldfish crackers. Screw all nutritional staples like tuna and peanut butter)
Lots of bottled water
And entertainment (looks like a board game to me…)

During Hurricane:
Now that you’re all packed up, you need a safe place thats really strong that can protect you. The best places to hide are:
(see illustrations)
Bathroom (totally diggin’ the shower curtain and FULL ROLL of toilet paper…talk about being prepared!)

These place will help. Good thing is that you’re in a safe spot and you have everything you need with you.

After Hurricane:
After a hurricane, DO NOT drink the water that comes from a faucet or from your freezer. The water may have severe bacteria. It could get you very sick. Later you might hear a beep from the microwave. That means that you have electricity. If not, maybe some electricity poles crashed. Thank you for reading this guide.

(Editor’s note: I didn’t correct a single thing. Believe me, all those misspelled words and invisible apostrophes are making me twitch.)



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