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You’re Never Too Old for Sesame Street

This morning I watched my first full episode of Sesame Street. I met Murray the monster (he has a beard!) and heard the Count sing a song about the number 8. Super Grover 2.0 (I never knew there was a … Continue reading

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There is a good reason why I am sitting here at home and not driving to the tropical wilds of South Florida to guzzle down Amish cream pies and party it up with my kinfolk, which was the plan. The … Continue reading

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Elmo & The Summer Olympics

I was never one for team sports as a kid, so I opted to take gymnastics classes. My gymnastics friends and I would practice our floor exercises wherever we could find a flat outdoor space. Our balance beam routines were … Continue reading

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Something Wonderful

One of my best friends drove down to visit from South Carolina on Memorial Day weekend. Despite the horrific weather, her visit fell into a category I like to call perfect timing because I was feeling increasingly in need of … Continue reading

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The Mailbox is Still Standing

Elle and I roasted marshmallows on the porch over the open flame of our emergency candle and enjoyed s’mores before bed. Then she camped out on the floor next to me in the front room. There is a particular dead … Continue reading

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Got kids?

This evening has not gone well. When I took Elle to gymnastics, I actually had to stay outside in the cool air so the chill would lessen my desire to projectile vomit (Got kids? You know the morning sickness tricks! … Continue reading

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Ever wanted to know how to make love like a porn star AND be the boss of lunch?

My daughter and I go to the public library alot. She has her own library bag and library card and everything. Apparently, her card (for an minor, obviously) was incorrectly entered into the public library’s system and allowed someone (read … Continue reading

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