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New Tradition?

A fun Fourth of July tradition may be in the works. Last year, I spent the holiday with some family and friends at the Jacksonville Suns baseball game. After our home team’s one-run loss, we were treated to fireworks accompanied … Continue reading

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A Map of the Food World

We needed food the other day as Matt is no longer a bachelor and has way too many frozen pounds of meat in his basement freezer. I don’t eat a lot of meat so I went in search of a … Continue reading

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Lavender Love

The past few months have converted me into an incredibly anxious individual. I deal with high anxiety on the regular because I was fortunate enough to be born this way (sarcasm) so when I speak of any kind of stressful … Continue reading

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Garden Progress: Stuff is Growing!

I went back in time (also known as my Flickr account) and noticed how much has actually happened in my garden since I planted the first seed. I can’t believe it – I grew stuff! And I’m still growing stuff! … Continue reading

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Patience and Geekery

Because I’m one part forgetful and one part nerd-slash-geek, I created a spreadsheet to track my progress with my garden plants.  Since most of them were started from seed and I’m a rather impatient gardener, I needed something to refer … Continue reading

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We’re having pancakes for breakfast, kids! Just kidding…

When I was growing up in Upper Michigan, summertime fun revolved around three things: swimming in the nearby lake, camping with family and neighbors, and picking wild blueberries. My friends and I would walk all throughout the woods and collect … Continue reading

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Mini Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

As a newbie in the kitchen, I’m learning that there is no easier food ingredient to find a use for than a ripened banana. I wonder if everyone has their favorite food ingredient? All I can say is that the … Continue reading

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