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City Garden

The entire time I’ve been here in Oklahoma City, I haven’t ventured far from home too often but only because I’m hopeful that I will be returning later this month on a permanent basis. There is truly a lot to … Continue reading

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Toad in a Frog

I have a plant container in the shape of a frog with a really huge mouth. That’s obviously where the plant is supposed to go but there are no drainage holes. Coincidentally, I have way too much experience with rotted … Continue reading

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There is a good reason why I am sitting here at home and not driving to the tropical wilds of South Florida to guzzle down Amish cream pies and party it up with my kinfolk, which was the plan. The … Continue reading

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Wish Making

Remember being a kid and coming upon a patch of fuzzy dandelions in your yard? I could never keep my hands from plucking them from the ground. After rubbing my cheek with the fuzzies, I would take a deep breath, … Continue reading

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Pickle Worms: A Side Effect of Tropical Storms…??

Because of the constant battering of wind and rain over the last three days, I haven’t been as vigilant in keeping up with the garden.  I’ve never had a problem with pests or disease or rot so I would be … Continue reading

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Garden Solution

Knowing that I would be cramming a ton of veggies and flowers into my raised garden beds of limited space, I placed the cucumbers next to the trellis so they could be trained to climb. So far, it’s working out … Continue reading

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Cosmic Purples

It’s no secret how impatient I am about my garden. I am especially impatient, though, when it comes to my carrots. To be completely honest, those carrots are the whole reason I wanted to start a garden in the first … Continue reading

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