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City Garden

The entire time I’ve been here in Oklahoma City, I haven’t ventured far from home too often but only because I’m hopeful that I will be returning later this month on a permanent basis. There is truly a lot to … Continue reading

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Wish Making

Remember being a kid and coming upon a patch of fuzzy dandelions in your yard? I could never keep my hands from plucking them from the ground. After rubbing my cheek with the fuzzies, I would take a deep breath, … Continue reading

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A Dachshund, in Wartime

This photograph of my grandfather has quite a story attached to it. I’m not so sure that the “Indy” mystery will ever be solved, although I’m not quite giving up on that. The monument itself, however, located in Brussels, Belgium, … Continue reading

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Does anyone know where this photograph could have possibly been taken?   That’s my grandfather. He died when I was barely three months old. I found this photograph a few years ago and I could swear it has “Indy” written … Continue reading

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Wood Stork Babies!

I was heading to the Jacksonville Zoo with a friend and our kids when I remembered the wood stork babies were due to hatch any day! (Read about the 2011 nesting season and hatchlings here. My recent post about the … Continue reading

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At the Beach

A few years ago, I discovered how healing and calming the beach really is. At least, this is how it is for me. I know plenty of people who balk at the idea of lugging beach chairs and towels to … Continue reading

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The Secret to Attracting Butterflies

Last week, I was notified by the USGS via email that one of my photo submissions of a Red Admiral butterfly had been accepted by the BAMONA Project (which I wrote about here).  Coincidentally, the following day I attended the … Continue reading

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