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Hand Stitching v. Sewing Machine

The kid has recently unearthed her American Girl dolls from her closet. She doesn’t really play with them as much as she uses them to help her in newer interests and hobbies, such as movie making and designing dresses by … Continue reading

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The Return of Mother’s Day Flowers

You know what? I still have that blanket. I wanted to be sure that Elle came home from the hospital snuggled in a blanket that I had slept with for months, careful to use the same lotion on my skin … Continue reading

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We’re having pancakes for breakfast, kids! Just kidding…

When I was growing up in Upper Michigan, summertime fun revolved around three things: swimming in the nearby lake, camping with family and neighbors, and picking wild blueberries. My friends and I would walk all throughout the woods and collect … Continue reading

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Mini Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

As a newbie in the kitchen, I’m learning that there is no easier food ingredient to find a use for than a ripened banana. I wonder if everyone has their favorite food ingredient? All I can say is that the … Continue reading

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Beet It!

While I extract photographs of our quasi-canoe adventure on Jekyll Island from my kid’s camera (it was waterproof and, therefore, the least likely of them all to be destroyed in case of boat flippage), I thought I would share a … Continue reading

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My herbs kicked it. After removing the thyme and the chocolate mint from their saturated pots and replanting them in the garden, it was apparent they had rotted before I even moved them to drier ground. Shriveled and shrunken, I … Continue reading

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No Meat March: Day 1 (Tackling Mushrooms)

Today is the first day of No Meat March and I decided yesterday that I would participate. No Meat March is a Jacksonville-based,  31-day challenge for individuals to live a meat-free lifestyle.  Obviously, anyone from anywhere can join the month-long … Continue reading

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